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Cambridge ; New York, NY ; Port Melbourne ; New Delhi ; Singapore : Cambridge University Press, 2018
xiv, 454 Seiten : Illustrationen, Karten
Art des Inhalts: 
978-1-108-41762-4 hardback
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Klassifikation der Library of Congress: KF3783
Dewey Dezimal-Klassifikation: 344.7304/633
"Climate change is already altering ecosystems, and with them the pathways through which infectious diseases find their way to human hosts. As these changes become still more pronounced, so too will their consequences for public health. Lindsay Wiley describes these changes and consequences, but observes also that the resulting need for integrated responses across policy areas is made especially difficult by key features of the public health field. These include its increasing orientation to health care, as well as the fragmentation of responsibility for basic prerequisites to public health among agencies specializing in environmental protection, sanitation, agriculture, food and drug safety, and workplace health and safety. Having pointed out these barriers to an effective response to novel infectious diseases outbreaks like Zika virus, Wiley describes efforts to overcome them, such as the One Health and Health in All Policies approaches. Both of these support transcending narrow policy areas in service to public health goals"--
"Climate Change, Public Health, and the Law provides the first comprehensive explication of the dynamic interactions between climate change, public health law, and environmental law, both in the United States and internationally. Responding to climate change and achieving public health protections each require the coordination of the decisions and behavior of large numbers of people. However, they also involve interventions that risk compromising individual rights. The challenges involved in coordinating large-scale responses to public health threats and protecting against the invasion of rights, makes the law indispensable to both of these agendas. Written for the benefit of public health and environmental law professionals and policymakers in the United States and in the international public health sector, this volume focuses on the legal components of pursuing public health goals in the midst of a changing climate. It will help facilitate efforts to develop, improve, and carry out policy responses at the international, federal, state, and local levels"--
Machine generated contents note: Part I. Introduction: 1. Introduction and overview Michael Burger and Justin Gundlach; 2. Duty to protect public health from the impacts of climate change Michael Burger; 3. Public health sector's challenges and responses Jill Krueger and Colleen Healy Boufides; Part II. Cross-Cutting Issues: 4. Government speech and the First Amendment: what the government may say about climate change and public health risks David C. Vladeck; 5. Disease surveillance Jason Smith and Chandra Ganesh; 6. The built environment Justin Gundlach and Jennifer Klein; Part III. Impacts and Interventions: 7. Heat Sara Hoverter; 8. Extreme coastal storm events, sea level rise, storm surge, and ocean acidification as public health threats Robin Kundis Craig; 9. Infectious disease Lindsay F. Wiley; 10. Food security and food sovereignty in climate change adaptation Margot Pollans; 11. Migration Maxine Burkett; Part IV. Interplay with International and Domestic Environmental Law: 12. International impacts and responses William Onzivu; 13. How existing environmental laws respond to climate change and its mitigation Justin Gundlach; 14. Incorporating public health assessments into climate change action Jessica Wentz
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