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New York : Oxford University Press, 2019
xxxiii, 856 Seiten
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Includes bibliographical references and index
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Erscheint auch als Online-Ausgabe: The Oxford handbook of comparative foreign relations law. - New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2019. - 1 Online-Ressource
978-0-19-065333-0 : (hardback)
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Klassifikation der Library of Congress: KZ3410
Dewey Dezimal-Klassifikation: 342/.0412
Curtis Bradley / What is foreign relations law? -- Campbell McLachlan / Five conceptions of the function of foreign relations law -- Karen Knop / Foreign relations law : comparison as invention -- Tom Ginsburg / Comparative foreign relations law : a national constitutions perspective -- Oona A. Hathaway / A comparative foreign relations law agenda : opportunities and challenges -- Jenny S. Martinez / The constitutional allocation of executive and legislative power over foreign affairs : a survey --Alejandro Rodiles / Executive power in foreign affairs : the case for inventing a Mexican foreign relations law -- Pierre-Hugues Verdier & Mila Versteeg / Separation of powers, Treaty-making, and treaty withdrawal : a global survey -- Jean Galbraith / International agreements and U.S. foreign relations law : complexity in action -- Stefan Kadelbach / International treaties and the German Constitution -- Tadaatsu Mori / The current practice of making and applying international agreements in Japan -- Carlos Esposito / Spanish foreign relations law and the process for making treaties and other international agreements -- Jaemin Lee,/ Incorporation and implementation of treaties in South Korea -- Marise Cremona / Making treaties and other international agreements : the European Union -- Ernest A. Young / Foreign affairs federalism in the United States --Charles-Emmanuel Côté / Federalism and foreign affairs in Canada -- Roland Portmann / Foreign affairs federalism in Switzerland -- Anamika Asthana and Happymon Jacob / Federalism and foreign affairs in India -- Robert Schütze / Foreign affairs federalism in the European Union -- Laurence R. Helfer / Treaty exit and intra-branch conflict at the interface of international and domestic law -- Paul B. Stephan / Constitutionalism and internationalism : U.S. participation in international institutions -- Paul Craig / Engagement and disengagement with international institutions : the UK perspective -- Andreas L. Paulus & Jan-Henrik Hinselmann / International integration and its counter limits : a German constitutional perspective -- Hannah Woolaver / State engagement with treaties : interactions between international and domestic law -- Joris Larik / Regional organizations' relations with international institutions : the EU and ASEAN compared -- Duncan B. Hollis & Carlos M. Vázquez / Treaty self-execution as "foreign" relations law -- Shaheed Fatima / The domestic application of international law in British courts -- Gib Van Ert / The domestic application of international law in Canada -- Amichai Cohen / International law in Israeli courts -- Hiromichi Matsuda / International law in Japanese courts -- Congyan Cai / International law in Chinese courts -- Rene Urueña / Domestic application of international law in Latin America -- Ernest Yaw Ako and Richard Frimpong Oppong / Foreign relations law in the constitutions and courts of Commonwealth African countries -- Mario Mendez / The application of international law by the Court of Justice of the European Union -- David P. Stewart / International immunities in U.S. law -- Philippa Webb / International immunities in English law -- Hennie Strydom / South African law on immunities -- Andrea Bianchi / Jurisdictional immunities, constitutional values, and system closures -- William S. Dodge / International comity in comparative perspective -- Eirik Bjorge & Cameron Miles / Crown and foreign acts of state before British courts : Ramatullah, Belhaj, and the separation of powers -- Monica Hakimi / Techniques for regulating military force -- Curtis A. Bradley / U.S. war powers and the potential benefits of comparativism -- Katja S. Ziegler / The use of force by the United Kingdom : the evolution of accountability -- Anne Peters / Military operations abroad under the German basic law -- Mathias Forteau / Using military force and engaging in collective security : the case of France -- Tadashi Mori / Decisions in Japan to use military force or to participate in multinational peacekeeping operations
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