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Sonst. Personen: 
Oxford ; Portland, Oregon : Hart Publishing ; London : Bloomsbury Publishing, 2016
1 Online-Ressource (xiv, 502 p)
Art des Inhalts: 
Konferenzschrift (2013, Athen)
"Papers presented at the very successful 2013 ILA Regional Conference held in Sounion, Athens on 29-31 August 2013."--ECIP galley
Includes bibliographical references and index
Bibliogr. Zusammenhang: 
978-1-78225-802-5 : online
978-1-5099-0235-4 : PDF
978-1-5099-0236-1 : electronic book
Weitere Ausgaben: 978-1-84946-880-0 (Druckausgabe) : hardback, 978-1-5099-0179-1 (andere physikalische Form)
DOI: 10.5040/9781782258025
Mehr zum Thema: 
Klassifikation der Library of Congress: KZ1240
Dewey Dezimal-Klassifikation: 341
"The relevance and importance of the rule of law to the international legal order cannot be doubted. Its significance was recently reaffirmed by the Declaration of the High-level Meeting of the General Assembly on the Rule of Law at the National and International Level, which made a solemn commitment to it on behalf of states and international organizations. In this edited collection, leading scholars and practitioners from the fields of global governance, resources, investment and trade, examine how the commitment to the rule of law manifests itself in the respective fields. The book looks at cutting-edge issues within each field and examines the questions arising from the interplay between them. With a clear three-part structure, it explores each area in detail and addresses contemporary challenges while trying to assure a commitment to the rule of law. The contributions also consider how the rule of law has been or should be reconceptualised. Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, the book will appeal to international lawyers from across the spectrum, including practitioners in the field of international investment and trade law."--Bloomsbury Publishing
The transparency of global governance / Anne Peters -- Between flexibility and stability : ad hoc procedures and/or judicial institutions? / Chiara Giorgetti -- Domestic courts as compliance enforcers / Tomonori Mizushima -- Towards reinforcing or contesting the vision of the rule of law? / Myriam Senn -- Formation of international custom and the role of non-state actors / George D. Kyriakopoulos -- Disaster relief in international law / Gabriella Venturini -- After 60 years: international legal regime protecting the stateless persons : stocktaking and new tendencies / Tamás Molár -- Responsibility to protect (R2P) and minorities / Vassilios Grammati -- Responsibility to protect (R2P) and minorities / Vassilios Grammati -- Governance of financial crises : a role for the international protection of economic and social rights? / Lorenza Mola -- Recent regulatory initiatives in the ratings industry : CRA III and the ESMA proposals on structured finance, the performance -- Of agencies and their fee arrangements / Emmanuel P Mastromanolis -- The odious debt doctrine : the past and the challenges of the present / Georgios Nikolaides-Krassas -- "Return of cultural treasures to their countries of origin" : principle or trend in cultural property law? / Irini Stamatoudi -- The cultural heritage of mankind beyond UNESCO : the case of international financial institutions / Antonia Zervaki -- Something fishy about fisheries : high seas fisheries and the common resource conundrum / Rosemary Rayfuse -- Biodiversity, marine protected areas and areas beyond national jurisdiction / Antonios Antonopoulos -- Turkish objections to exclusive economic zone agreements concluded by cyprus / Erik Franckx and Marco Benatar -- Towards the acceptance of the equidistance rule in the delimitation of the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone : the role of international jurisprudence / Maria Xiouri -- Collective responsibility for water in Central Asia / Mindia Vashakmadze -- International law, governance and trade of water services / Andreia Costa Vieira -- The rule of law in international investment arbitration / August Reinisch -- Three pillars of international public policy / Georgios Petrochilos -- Abuse of rights in modern international investment arbitration : the rule of law revisited? : the practitioner's view / Stratis G Georgilas -- Abstract interpretations in international investment law / Friedrich Rosenfeld -- Regionalism and the constitutionalization of the wto / Dencho Georgiev -- OPEC production quotas and the World Trade Organization / Paolo Davide Farah and Elena Cima -- The role of the WTO in addressing regulatory pricing policies in the energy sector / Ilaria Espa -- Legitimate countermeasures in international trade law and their illegality in international investment law / Junianto James Losari and Michael Ewing-Chow -- Duplicating the trade law "spaghetti bowl" : increasing regionalisation and overlap of investment treaties : a review of state practice / Wolfgang Alschner -- Most-favoured nation and national treatment in the EU and US regional trade agreements : tools for equal or discriminatory treatment? / Magdalena Slok-Wodkowska -- Recent trends of common commercial policy of the European Union : from global to regional (and back?) in the governance of international economic order / Chiara Cellerino
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