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Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands : Kluwer Law International B. V [2019], [2019]
xliv, 534 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Art des Inhalts: 
Includes bibliographical references and index
978-90-411-8687-4 hardback
Weitere Ausgaben: 978-90-411-8690-4 (andere physikalische Form) e-Book, 978-90-411-8691-1 (andere physikalische Form) web-PDF
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Klassifikation der Library of Congress: K1401
Collaborative standardisation and SEP Licensing: a EU policy perspective / G. Bruzzone & S. Capozzi -- Economic considerations on mergers, IPR licensing and litigation : A EU perspective / C. Caffarra & P. Régibeau -- Alternative dispute resolution in FRAND licensing : economic considerations for an effective framework / A. Chowdhury -- The "New Madison" v. the "Old Europe" doctrine : on re-balancing competition policy towards SEPs / A. Nicita & G. Corda -- Proprietary systems, innovation and competition : is there any scope for aftermarkets? / A. Pezzoli & C. D'Amore -- Rethinking monopolies / C. Birss -- Intellectual property and constitution with particular reference to the Italian system / B. Caravita -- Recent shots on a familiar battlefield : standard essential patents / I. Forrester & M. Domecq -- Antitrust and intellectual property in the United States and The European Union / D.H. Ginsburg, D. Geradin & K. Klovers -- SEPs licensing : a pro-competitive determination of FRAND royalties / G. Ghidini & G. Trabucco -- Unified Patent Court & antitrust / G. Muscolo -- Online platforms and antitrust : where do we go from here? / R. Nazzini -- Reflections on the legal assessment of excessive prices in EU competition law / C. Osti -- Automatic injunction in patent cases and European (competition) law / W. Hoyng & A.-C. Hoyng -- SEP, NPE, PAE, trolls and Huawei v. ZTE / M. Franzosi -- The Electricité De France 'Blue Ciel' trademark case between competition and intellectual property : old or new rorm of abuse of dominance? / M. Siragusa & F.M. Salerno -- Current issues on antitrust enforcement in the UK pharmaceutical sector / A. Coscelli, A. Groves & L. Ventura -- Competition law and IP rights in the pharmaceutical sector between technological development, consumer protection and health care costs : the Italian experience / E.A. Raffaelli -- Online markets, geo-blocking and competition / M. Tavassi & G. Bellomo -- Patent pools in the ERA of the 'Internet of Things' : a fine line between collusion, market power and efficiencies / M. Lo Bue -- The interaction of competition, regulation and IP rights in agriculture : towards a dynamic equilibrium? / I. Lianos -- Does the application of the exhaustion of rights doctrine in French law ensure a balanced and effective compromise between the free movement of goods and the protection of intellectual property rights? / M. Karsenty-Ricard -- Enforcement of FRAND commitments and competition law litigation of Standard-Essential Patents in Germany post-Huawei / H. Tsilikas -- Italian competition authority's news review service case : essential facilities and FRAND determination at the intersection between competition and IPR / A. Minuto Rizzo & C. Noto -- Reconciling competition and IP law : the case of patented pharmaceuticals and dominance abuse / C. Fonteijn, I. Akker & W. Sauter -- Public enforcement and private litigation in the UK : Pfizer and Flynn Pharma / G. Barling & R. Reumerman -- The interplay between competition law and intellectual property : the Brazilian experience / A. Martinez -- The interplay between competition law and intellectual property : a perspective from Canada / A. Gunderson -- The interplay between competition law and intellectual property : updates from India / N.S. Chopra & A.S. Sethi -- Russia and global challenges for competition law and policy in the new economy : Yandex v. Google, Kaspersky v. Microsoft, the Bayer-Monsanto merger and beyond / A. Ivanov -- Intersection between intellectual property law and competition law in South Africa / U.S. intellectual property and competition law / M.A. Carrier -- Epilogue / Richard Whish.
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