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* Ihre Aktion
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2019
xxx, 331 Seiten
Art des Inhalts: 
Hier auch später erschienene, unveränderte Nachdrucke
978-0-19-884966-7 hbk. : (£95.00)
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International law and crisis : dialectical relationship / George Ulrich and Ineta Ziemele
Reflections on crises and international law / James Crawford
Authorizing attacks in response to terrorist attacks : a dark side of the law of armed conflicts / Patrycja Grzebyk
The challenge of 'foreign fighters' to the liberal international legal order / Sandra Krähenmann
Multiple actors in framing EU external policy : the case of the EU global security strategy / Ilze Ruse
Activating the mutual assistance clause of the treaty on the European Union and the right of self-defence / Carlos Espaliú Berdud
The policy effects of the decisions of european courts on targeted sanctions : whither human rights and due process? / Kushtrim Istrefi
The crisis of privacy and sacrifice of personal data in the name of national security : CJEU rulings strengthening EU data protection standards / Irena Nesterova
Recent opposing trends in the conceptualisation of the law of immunities : some reflections / Stefano Dominelli
How to limit immunity of state officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction / Pavel Sturma
The future we want : sustainable development as an inherent aim of foreign investment protection / Ilze Dubava
The Paris agreement and the future of the climate regime : reflections on an international law odyssey / Annalisa Savaresi
Investment law and renewable energy : green expectations in grey times / Fernando Dias Simões
Playing hide and seek with 'Vergangenheit, die nicht vergehen will' ('a past that will not pass') in the history of international law / Ignacio de la Rasilla
La démocratie radicale dans les discours légaux contemporains au Rojava au cœur de la "crise" syrienne : une analyse genrée / Zeynep Kivilcim
The domestic judiciary in the architecture of the Strasbourg system of human rights / David Kosar and Jan Petrov
The Chilcot report : international law and decision making in times of crisis / Stephen Bouwhuis
Reflections : how international law functions in times of crisis / Jean-Marc Sauvé
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*Internationales Recht / Internationale Rechtsordnung / Krise / Dialektik / Umsetzung internationalen Rechts / Internationale Sicherheit / Immunität (Strafverfolgung) / Nachhaltige Entwicklung / Rechtsphilosophie / Wechselbeziehungen internationales und nationales Recht ; International law / International law systems / Crisis / Dialectics / Implementation of international law / International security / Immunity (legal prosecution) / Sustainable development / Philosophy of law / Relationship between national law and international law ; Terrorismus / Europäische Union / Selbstverteidigungsrecht von Staaten / Sanktionen / Datenschutz / Internationales Strafrecht / Klimaschutz / Investitionsrecht / Vergangenheit / Syrien / Menschenrechte ; Terrorism / Right of self defence of states / Sanctions / Data protection / International criminal law / Climate protection / Investment law / Past / Syria / Human rights
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Dewey Dezimal-Klassifikation: 341
Fachinformationsverbund Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde: SB03
Fachinformationsverbund Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde: RS
Fachinformationsverbund Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde: SB03
Fachinformationsverbund Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde: RS
For some time, the word 'crisis' has been dominating international political discourse. But this is nothing new. Crisis has always been part of the discipline of international law. History indeed shows that international law has developed through reacting to previous experiences of crisis, reflecting an agreement on what it takes to avoid their repetition. However, human society evolves and challenges existing rules, structures, and agreements. International law is confronted with questions as to the suitability of the existing legal framework for new stages of development. Ulrich and Ziemele here bring together an expert group of scholars to address the question of how international law confronts crises today in terms of legal thought, rule-making, and rule-application. The editors have characterized international law and crisis discourse as one of a dialectical nature, and have grouped the articles contained in the volume under four main themes: security, immunities, sustainable development, and philosophical perspectives. Each theme pertains to an area of international law which at the present moment in time is subject to notable challenges and confrontations from developments in human society. The surprising general conclusion which emerges is that, by and large, the international legal system contains concepts, principles, rules, mechanisms and formats for addressing the various developments that may prima facie seem to challenge these very same elements of the system. Their use, however, requires informed policy decisions.
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