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Alexandria, NSW : The Federation Press [2019], 2019
xxv, 255 Seiten ; 25 cm
Art des Inhalts: 
Table of cases: pages xi-xx
Table of statutes: pages xxi-xxv
Includes bibliographical references and index
978-1-76002-205-1 hardcover
1-76002-205-5 hardcover
Mehr zum Thema: 
Klassifikation der Library of Congress: KU479
Dewey Dezimal-Klassifikation: 346.94
Part I. Introduction ; 1. Introduction: Is Statutory interpretation in private law distinctive? /​ Prue Vines, Scott Donald -- Part II. Current trends and debates ; 2. 'Icecream is not "meat"': literal meaning and purpose in statutory interpretation in private law /​ T.F. Bathurst -- 3. Statutory interpretation as private law /​ Mark Leeming -- 4. Commentary on statutory interpretation as private law /​ Ashley Black -- 5. Statutory interpretation and private law obligations /​ Joachim Dietrich -- Part III. Applications of statutory interpretation in private law ; 6. 'Co-production': novelty and path-dependence in defamation reform /​ Jenny Steele -- 7. Taking common law concepts seriously: extending the principle of legality in private law /​ Prue Vines -- 8. Statutes in a web of law /​ Lyria Bennett Moses, Brendan Edgeworth -- 9. An integrated approach to statutory interpretation: directors' duties in the UK /​ Rosemary Teele Langford -- 10. Intuitive synthesis and fidelity to purpose? Judicial interpretation of the discretionary power to award civil penalties under the Australian consumer law /​ Jeannie Marie Paterson, Elise Bant -- 11. Contractual fairness: statutory innovation and statutory interpretation /​ May Fong Cheong -- 12. Lord Cairns' act and statutory interpretation: give the court an inch, they'll take a mile /​ Katy Barnett -- 13. Statutes and a fiduciary course of dealing /​ Simone Degeling. -- Index.
This book is an edited collection of papers presented at a UNSW symposium in October 2017 on 'Statutory Interpretation in Private Law'. The focus on this area came about because there has been a marked change in perceptions and functions of the impact of statutes on private law thanks to the increasing number of statutes affecting the area. The aim of the symposium was to explore how statutory interpretation interacts with the common law in private law, and to explode any myths, and possibly come up with new ways of thinking about this interaction. Contents: Part 1 Introduction 1. 'Introduction: Is Statutory Interpretation in Private Law Distinctive?' by Prue Vines and Scott Donald Part II Current Trends and Debates 2. 'Icecream is not "Meat": Literal Meaning and Purpose in Statutory Interpretation in Private Law' by The Hon TF Bathurst AC, Chief Justice of New South Wales 3. 'Statutory Interpretation as Private Law' by Mark Leeming 4. 'Commentary on "Statutory Interpretation as Private Law"' by Ashley Black 5. 'Statutory Interpretation and Private Law Obligations' by Joachim Dietrich Part III Applications of Statutory Interpretation in Private Law 6. '"Co-production": Novelty and Path-dependence in Defamation Reform' by Jenny Steele 7. 'Taking Common Law Concepts Seriously: Extending the Principle of Legality in Private Law' by Prue Vines 8. 'Statutes in a Web of Law' by Lyria Bennett Moses and Brendan Edgeworth 9. 'An Integrated Approach to Statutory Interpretation: Directors' Duties in the UK' by Rosemary Teele Langford 10. 'Intuitive Synthesis and Fidelity to Purpose? Judicial Interpretation of the Discretionary Power to Award Civil Penalties under the Australian Consumer Law' by Jeannie Marie Paterson and Elise Bant. 11. 'Contractual Fairness: Statutory Innovation and Statutory Interpretation' by May Fong Cheong 12. 'Lord Cairns' Act and Statutory Interpretation: Give the Court an Inch, They'll Take a Mile' by Katy Barnett 13. 'Statutes and a Fiduciary Course of Dealing' by Simone Degeling
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