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Bücher 1.  Before the beginning and after the end - Goshka Macuga
Mainetti, Mario. - Milano : Fondazione Prada, [2016]
... Buchanan, Tom … Cornell, Joseph … Dorner, Alexander … Franco, Francisco … Budyonny, Semyon ...
... Maciel, Frederico … Caldanzano, Gigi … Calder, Alexander … Dalwood, Dexter … Ayres, ...
E-Books/Online Ressourcen 2.  Katherine Mansfield and the (post)colonial
Sousa Correa, Delia da. - Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2013Zusammenfassung
... Katherine Mansfield, 1908- … The 2012 Alexander Turnbull Library Mansfield/Murry Acquisition ...
... Britain, … 1885-1925 Brigid Magner. Alex Calder, The Settler's Plot: How Stories Take Place ...
Bücher 3.  The papers of Benjamin ... / Vol. 40, May 16 through September 15, 1783
Franklin, Benjamin. - 2011
... great length. Our practice with an untitled person is to provide all the Christian names at ...
... them; a chevalier or noble is given the title used at the time, and the full name is provided ...
Bücher 4.  Treaties with American ... ; Vol. 3
Fixico, Donald Lee. - 2008
... Treaties, 1972 … Volume III Contents Calder v. Attorney-General ofBritish Columbia (Canada), ...
... Pearl Manuelito Massasoit McGillivray, Alexander Mclntosh, William, Jr. Means, Russell Metacom ...
Bücher 5.  The Edinburgh book of twentieth-century Scottish poetry
Lindsay, Maurice. - Reprint. - Edinburgh : Edinburgh Univ. Press, 2006
... You Were Wrong … Emigrants … Angus Calder Greeting, Not Greeting Curling: Old Murrayfield ...
... Rink October Opera for Kate … Robert B. Calder Love in the Abstract … Sir Alec Cairncross ...
Bücher 6.  Studies in Islamic and Middle Eastern texts and traditions : in memory of Norman Calder
Hawting, Gerald R.. - 1. publ. - Oxford [u.a.] : Oxford Univ. Press, 2000
... TEXTS AND TRADITIONS IN MEMORY OF NORMAN CALDER edited by G.R.Hawting, J.A. Mojaddedi and ...
... Acknowledgement iv Abbreviations v Norman Calder … March 1950- … February 1998 … Stefan ...
Bücher 7.  Georgia O'Keeffe : d. Leben d. großen amerikan. Malerin
Lisle, Laurie. - München : Droemer Knaur, 1989Zusammenfassung
... darauf beruhen auch die Schwächen ihrer Person und vielleicht sogar die ihres Werkes. Sie ...
... Blickfeld. Die Auskünfte bleiben anekdotisch. Alexander Calder fertigte ihr eine Brosche, die sie ...
E-Books/Online Ressourcen 8.  Seraphina ; 1 (1809)
Burney, Caroline. - London : Hughes, 1809
... o'clock this night, You will there find a person who will conduct you to the abode of an ...
... to c … my departing spirit. Follow the person I send to meet you, without fear, and start ...
E-Books/Online Ressourcen 9.  State of the process of proving the tenor, Eupham Calder, one of the two daughters and heirs of provision of the first marriage of the deceased Thomas Calder of Shirva merchant in Glasgow, and as such served and retoured with Margaret Calder her sister now deceased, William Robertson eldest son ... of ... John Robertson merchant in Glasgow and ... Margaret Calder, and the said John Robertson as curator ... to the said William Robertson ... and Antonia and Lilias Calders daughters, and the only other two children of the said Thomas Calder, of a subsequent marriage, .. and John Mitchell of Mitchell, husband to ... Antonia, and Alexander Walker merchant in Glasgow husband to Lilias Calders, for their interests; against Arthur Park wright and master-builder at Ennis in the county of Clare
Calder, Eupham. - [Online-Ausg.]. - [Edinburgh], [1761]
E-Books/Online Ressourcen 10.  Unto the Right Honourable the Lords of Council and Session the claim and petition of John Campbel of Calder heretable sheriff of the county of Nairn, heretable constable of the constabulary of the castle of Nairn, and heretable Baillie of regality of the temple lands of Ardarsier, and of Alexander Campbel of Delnies, trustee of the said John Campbel of Calder in the said sheriffship, made and entered, pursuant to an act of the 20th year of His Present Majesty, entitled, "An act for takeing away and abolishing the heretable jurisdictions in that part of Great Britain called Scotland and for making satisfaction to the proprietors thereof, &c
Campbell, John. - [Online-Ausg.]. - [Edinburgh] : s.n, [1747]
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title Alle Wörter (XALL) 517477
calder Alle Wörter (XALL) ≈2355
alexander Alle Wörter (XALL) ≈494151
person Alle Wörter (XALL) 132232
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