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Publication statement: 
Oxford ; London ; New York ; New Delhi ; Sydney : Hart [2019], 2019
xiii, 333 Seiten
Type of content: 
"... the sociology of law in June 2017, during which the fi rst drafts of papers on minimum income were discussed. In September 2018 we had a follow-up workshop at Gothenburg University ..." -- ECIP Introduction, page 11
Includes bibliographical references and index
Bibliogr. context: 
978-1-5099-2602-2 hardback
Weitere Ausgaben: 978-1-5099-2603-9 (Fernzugriff) ePub, 978-1-5099-2604-6 (Fernzugriff) ePDF
Subject heading: 
Further documents: 
Library of Congress Classification: K1960.A6
Dewey Decimal Classification: 344.03/25
Introduction / Ingrid Leijten, Toomas Kotkas and Frans Pennings -- What is the Relationship between the Minimum Thresholds and Distributive Justice? / David Bilchitz -- An Essential Dimension of the Social Minimum / Malcolm Torry -- A Social Minimum for Whom? : Making a Case for a Normative Pattern of Pragmatic Decency / Sara Stendahl and Otto Swedrup -- The Social Minimum in the Context of Inequality / Michael Adler -- Is there Common Ground for Defining a Decent Social Minimum in Europe? / Tim Goedemé, Tess Penne, Otto Swedrup, Karel Van den Bosch and Bérénice Storms -- Poverty Measurement and Poverty Alleviation between Norm-setting and Empirical Inquiries / Eberhard Eichenhofer -- Territorial and Extraterritorial Obligations to Ensure a Decent Social Minimum / Elena Pribytkova -- Ending Poverty: Human Rights and Responsibilities / David Piachaud -- The Legal Status of Recipients of Public Assistance / Frans Pennings -- Giving Legal Substance to the Social Minimum / Colm O'Cinneide -- Legal Strategies and the Question of the Social Minimum : A Systems-Theoretical Approach / Toomas Kotkas -- Social Minima at the UN Treaty Bodies: Minimal Consistency? / Ben TC Warwick -- Potential and Pitfalls of Indivisible Judicial Protection of a Social Minimum : From Inflation to Procedural Protection? / Ingrid Leijten -- Vulnerability as a Path to a 'Social Minimum'? : An Analysis of ECtHR Jurisprudence / Dimitrios Kagiaros -- Constitutionalising a Social Minimum as a Minimum Core / Katie Boyle.
"This book addresses a topic that is currently high on the agenda in many fora: how to specify and secure a social minimum? The term 'social minimum' has different meanings, depending on the context. These contexts are examined in this book from different perspectives, including law, sociology, philosophy, politics and economics. In the first part, the social minimum is discussed from a conceptual and theoretical point of view. The second part shows the various ways in which the social minimum can be specified and measured. There is a need for new indicators that take into account, for instance, aspects of adequate social participation. As this part shows, the choice of indicators is closely intertwined with political choices. The third part approaches the social minimum from the perspective of legal obligations, addressing the nature of different obligations imposed on individuals and states. The fourth part deals with the question of social minimum in the context of courts, adjudication and justiciability. The role of international treaties and national constitutions - the interpretation of the rights they enshrine and the way these are dealt with by expert committees and courts - is discussed with a view to understanding how the guarantee of a social minimum can be promoted within individual countries. Besides being of interest for academics in fields ranging from legal theory and human rights to the social sciences, the book also serves as an important source for students as well as practitioners interested in the social minimum, and anyone who wants to gain an insight into the current debates on this extremely important issue"--
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10 A 95451
Potsdamer Straße
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