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Publication statement: 
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2020]
vii, 502 Seiten
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Weitere Ausgaben: 978-3-030-43764-0 (Fernzugriff) eBook
Subject heading: 
Introduction: Is the European Union a Credible Protagonist of Equality in Europe and the Wider World?.- Part I Equality as a Fundamental Value of the EU.- Are Equality and Non-Discrimination Part of the EU's Constitutional Identity?.- Equality and Non-Discrimination as an Integral Part of the EU Constitutional Identity.- The Political Dimensions of Equality in the European Union: Equality of Union Citizens and Equality of Member States in a Supranational Representative Democracy.- The Protection and Promotion of Language Equality in the EU: Gaps, Paradoxes, and Double Standards.- Part II The EU as Protector of Equality: General Part of EU Antidiscrimination Law.- Uniformity or Variation: Should the CJEU 'Carry Over' its Gender Equality Approach to the Post-2000 Equality Grounds?.- Non-Discrimination, the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights: Who Takes the Lead?.- Has the EU Taken Comprehensive and Coherent Action to Combat Discrimination?.- The Coherence of EU Antidiscrimination Law: A Look at its Systemic Approach in Light of Relational Grounds of Discrimination and Collective Norms in Employment.- Genuine and Determining Occupational Requirement as an Exception to the Prohibition of Discrimination in EU Law.- The Concept of 'Genuine and Determining Occupational Requirements' in EU Equality Law: A Critical Approach.- Making Antidiscrimination Law Effective: Burden of Proof, Remedies and Sanctions in Discrimination Cases.- Substantive Formal Equality in EU Non-Discrimination Law.- A Quite Peculiar Example of Positive Action: The New Directive on Work-Life Balance.- Part III Selected Special Issues of Antidiscrimination Law.- The European Union as a Protector and Promoter of Equality: Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.- Overweight and Obesity as Novel Grounds of Discrimination.- Non-ideal Weight Discrimination in EU Law.- The Impact of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on EU Anti-Discrimination Law.- The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and EU Disability Law: Towards a Converging Vision of Equality?.- Age Discrimination as a Bone of Contention in the EU.- Age Discrimination as a Bone of Contention in the EU: A Psychological Perspective.- Part IV The EU as Promoter of Equality: Inside and Outside Perspective.- The EU's Law and Policy Framework for the Promotion of Gender Equality in the World.- From Hierarchy to Dialogue: EU-Africa Exchange on the Right to Equality and the Prohibition of Discrimination by Religious Organisations.- European Anti-Discrimination Law: The American Perspective.- The European Union as Promoter of Equality in Asia: Beyond Economic Tools of Influence.
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10 A 99397
Potsdamer Straße
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on loan till 15-01-2021