Since the 9th January 2023, our new discovery service StabiKat is available as the central search tool for SBB holdings. This is a perpetual beta version which means that not all desired or conceivable functions are available initially. The system will be developed further successively, and we will keep you informed about any new features here.


  • Extension of further information for Holdings
  • Adjustment of volume titles for books
  • Integration of sorting in the library account
  • Extension of the display of negatively acknowledged orders
  • Display hints in the library account to:
    • Manual account lock
    • Expired library account card validity
    • Blocking by fourth reminder
    • Blocking by reaching the maximum charge level
    • Reaching the maximum number of renewals
    • Present reservations on borrowed media
  • Visual representation of the loading of the facets


  • Implemented Link to the room information system for reading room call numbers ("Locate shelf")


  • Adjustment of the designation and sorting of the pickup locations for orders/reservations
  • Enhancement of availability information: loss, missing, out of Stock
  • Mobile view: Activate the display of the checkboxes for deleting reservations and extending loans


  • Requests to "Journals Online & Print" now use the correct ISSN format
  • Adjusted expansion list of locations with names and contact links
  • Added subtitles for books, if available


  • Added the possibility to delete reservations
  • Added account login for temporary library account
  • Resolve problems with ordering some music department inventory and newspapers (Microform)

2023-01-09 Version 1.0

  • available collections:
    • Union Catalogue (GVK)
    • K10plus (KXP)
    • SWB cataloguing database (SWB)
    • Online Contents Essay Database (OLC)
    • National licenses (NL)
    • JSTOR Digital Library (JSTOR)
    • DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  • Advanced search (incl. basic classification)
  • Restrict search by facets
  • Access to full texts from the hit list
  • Availability information about the medium in the hit list
  • Ordering with one click from the hit list
  • Caching of media in the watch list
  • Hit-specific feedback option
  • Library account
    • Login with library card
    • Save search queries
  • available further processing options:
    • E-mail
    • print
    • export options
      • BibTeX
      • EndNote
      • RIS
    • Citation options
      • APA
      • Chicago
      • MLA
  • Setting the dark mode