Since the 9th January 2023, our new discovery service StabiKat is available as the central search tool for SBB holdings. This is a perpetual beta version which means that not all desired or conceivable functions are available initially. The system will be developed further successively, and we will keep you informed about any new features here.


  • In the pull-down menus of the simple and advanced search, you can filter in advance by subjects and by the thematic basic classification.
  • In the result list, new facets for subjects and for all found (sub)classes from the basic classification are offered at the right margin for further filtering of the results.
  • In the detail view, the basic classification is displayed below the subjects.
  • In the detail view, the linking of the subjects and the basic classification leads to further results that meet these content criteria.
  • In the detail view, results with GND standard data are referred to further information by means of an info button. The open data service lobid is stored here, which brings together data from various source resources.
  • In the library account, borrowed media can be sorted chronologically by borrowing date or alphabetically by title.
  • In the result list, selected facet values are displayed below the search bar. These can be deselected again by pressing x.
  • Electronic resources for which there is no remote access option are visibly marked in the result list and detail view.
  • In the footer, you can use "Report Barrier" in accordance with BITV 2.0 to directly contact the office responsible for accessibility at the Staatsbibliothek.
  • The user address in the library account has been made more personal.
  • For articles without holdings information, links are provided to the parent journal title or overall title.


  • Search results, including your own comments, can be saved in different lists after logging in to the library account, independent of session and device. The default list is "My Favorites". The temporary storage option previously known as "My workspace" has been renamed "Clipboard".
  • The titles of individual works or parts of a publication from MARC field 505 are displayed under the label "Contains".
  • The publication note of publications in non-Latin characters is displayed both in the original language and transliterated, provided that the metadata is available.
  • In the Library account in the Reservations section, the term "Orders" has been corrected to "Reservations".
  • About 500,000 additional catalog entries for journal volumes ("Avn sets") have been added.


  • SBB-Crossref is newly integrated as a resource. The content includes about 36 million journal article data from the total holdings of the Crossref database, for which online access is provided by SBB.


  • When ordering a medium from the Children's and Young Adult Book Department, the 'Manuscript Reading Room' issue location, which has been in effect since May, is displayed.
  • For data records of the content type 'Mixed Materials', the button 'Show availability' is generated for the availability with the text addition 'for the complete work' and linked to the complete work.
  • The status 'Reading room use only' created for e-books and e-journals by the lending indicator 's' is no longer displayed.
  • The multiple display of the 'Reading room use only' marker in the case of multiple copies has been corrected.
  • The double display of the 'Unavailable' button in the detail display has been corrected.
  • For media with a special reading lounge location, the correct button 'Available in reading room' is displayed in the result list and the detail view.
  • In the library account, a link to the possibility of renewing the card has been added to the order attempt with a soon expiring validity.
  • In mobile view, the number of results is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  • The headings of the facets are set with the font FF Clan (not bold).


  • For articles from the JSTOR collection, a URL adjustment links precisely to the article; previously, in remote access, sometimes only the journal overview page within JSTOR or the corresponding publisher's page was reached.
  • A new search field 'Provenance' is available in the Advanced Search.
  • Authors of publications in non-Latin characters are also shown in original language.
  • Some text changes and additions have been made in the library account:
    • The contact information for manual account lockout has been updated.
    • In the 'Your Costs' section, if fees have been incurred, the 'Payment Options' button will indicate the payment options.
    • In the 'Profile' section, the date is displayed in red when the validity expires or has expired, and a button for badge renewal has been added.


  • For publications that appear in multiple counted or uncounted series, all series and counts including the ZDB ID are displayed with links to the overall record or to the other volumes in the series.
  • Pica field 4237 for annotations for reproduction in other physical form is displayed.
  • The following information on reproduction in other physical form (e.g. digital copies) has been added:
    • Publication reference of the reproduction
    • Reproduction total title
    • Reproduction note
    • Location and signature of the original
    • Extent of reproduction
    • Reproduction output note
  • Bibliographic relationships between different catalog entries, e.g. relationships such as revision, supplement, abstract, and the like (Pica 4249) are displayed.
  • For maps, the scale, projection and coordinates are displayed.
  • The loan indication "Reading room use only" is displayed.
  • The corresponding button is generated for journals with a copy set indicating "War loss".
  • The text of the "Check availability" button has been changed to "Show availability".
  • For X library card numbers, the order deadline of 14 days has been adjusted.
  • In the library account, the german phrase "Ihre Nutzungsberechtigung ..." has been replaced with "Die Gültigkeit Ihres Bibliotheksausweises ..."
  • Very long titles that are displayed abbreviated in the hit list are displayed in full in the detailed display.
  • For longer search strings in the search field, the cursor is now displayed at the end of the string.
  • The print function for single hit display has been set up.
  • In the footer, the 'More Catalogues from the Staatsbibliothek' caption has been changed to 'Additional Catalogs".
  • The display of the news container in the Safari browser has been corrected.


  • Out of stock, unobtainable, canceled or unpublished publications are no longer displayed.
  • The displayed notice for users for orders and renewals, if the (new) loan period would be longer than the library card validity, has been updated.
  • Other contact links (e.g. for Stabi Kulturwerk) have been corrected.
  • The incorrectly generated 'Not available' button for online resources is no longer displayed.
  • The display of the 'Not available' button instead of 'Reserve' has been corrected.
  • The cursor will be placed back into the search field after a search has been submitted.
  • The note 'News from Service & Usage' is visibly displayed in a new tab at the top and replaces the function of the exclamation mark in front of the search field.
  • The text of the button 'Available in reading room' in the detail view is now displayed in full.
  • The apostrophe is represented as a character and not as ASCII code.
  • A link to the Digitized Collections is displayed in the footer on the right.
  • To align the design with the Digitized Collections, the content width of the header and footer, the height of the header, the StabiKat logo, the SBB logo and the background color in the footer were adjusted.


  • Info maintenance work was adjusted textually.
  • Unavailable holdings (indicator z) are displayed with the "Unavailable" button.
  • Subtitles are also displayed in the detail view directly following the title.
  • In the library account, the display of the 'Renew' and 'Reservation' functions has been optimized
  • In the library account in the areas 'Loans' and 'Reservations' the functionalities 'Select Page' and the respective button are also displayed at the end of the media list.
  • Descriptive marks have been corrected in the scope information.
  • Reading room special location signatures are truncated searchable (spaces must be entered).
  • Inventory information for e-journals is displayed.
  • Titles of publications in non-Latin characters are displayed in their original script.
  • For e-books, the notes Signature: INTERN, LIZFREI etc. are hidden.
  • Orders negatively acknowledged with status 8 are displayed as 'Unavailable'.
  • A delete-x is displayed in the search field after entering at least one character.
  • Parallel editions (of journals) are displayed linked as links.
  • Locked volumes are displayed with the 'Unavailable' button.
  • Other contact link information has been corrected.
  • In the library account, the return date is displayed in red letters from one week before the due date.
  • The number of results is displayed in the facets.


  • Links added (Login): Forgotten your password?, Registration | Library Card
  • Caps lock key detection during password entry
  • Increasing the time to timeout at login (PAIA) to 30 seconds
  • Integration of the user message from the OUS in the library account
  • Integration of new menu item "Provided media" in the library account
  • small design adjustments in the library account
  • Adaptation of the display for reservations for status 4 media
  • Adaptation of the contact link for location 2:ROA
  • Changed name for location 2:OLS
  • Adaptation of translations
  • Adding the link between A- and O-records
  • Added linking in provenances
  • Standardization of the labels for locations in the result list and detail view
  • Display of collections limited to the actively included collections (KXP and SWB removed)


  • Enhancement of availability information: damaged
  • Display of the choice of output locations for each order
  • Suppression of the reservation function for recently returned media
  • No change in the display of the library card number in the event of incorrect login
  • Integration of multiple search groups in the advanced search
  • Displaying the callnumber of media in the library account


  • Extension of further information for Holdings
  • Adjustment of volume titles for books
  • Integration of sorting in the library account
  • Extension of the display of negatively acknowledged orders
  • Display hints in the library account to:
    • Manual account lock
    • Expired library account card validity
    • Blocking by fourth reminder
    • Blocking by reaching the maximum charge level
    • Reaching the maximum number of renewals
    • Present reservations on borrowed media
  • Visual representation of the loading of the facets


  • Implemented Link to the room information system for reading room call numbers ("Locate shelf")


  • Adjustment of the designation and sorting of the pickup locations for orders/reservations
  • Enhancement of availability information: loss, missing, out of Stock
  • Mobile view: Activate the display of the checkboxes for deleting reservations and extending loans


  • Requests to "Journals Online & Print" now use the correct ISSN format
  • Adjusted expansion list of locations with names and contact links
  • Added subtitles for books, if available


  • Added the possibility to delete reservations
  • Added account login for temporary library account
  • Resolve problems with ordering some music department inventory and newspapers (Microform)

2023-01-09 Version 1.0

  • available collections:
    • Union Catalogue (GVK)
    • K10plus (KXP)
    • SWB cataloguing database (SWB)
    • Online Contents Essay Database (OLC)
    • National licenses (NL)
    • JSTOR Digital Library (JSTOR)
    • DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  • Advanced search (incl. basic classification)
  • Restrict search by facets
  • Access to full texts from the hit list
  • Availability information about the medium in the hit list
  • Ordering with one click from the hit list
  • Caching of media in the watch list
  • Hit-specific feedback option
  • Library account
    • Login with library card
    • Save search queries
  • available further processing options:
    • E-mail
    • print
    • export options
      • BibTeX
      • EndNote
      • RIS
    • Citation options
      • APA
      • Chicago
      • MLA
  • Setting the dark mode